Interview with Robert Vilaseca, Account Manager at Quantion in Lufthansa Group, where he explains the mission of the Lufthansa Group’s Digital Hangar and the collaboration with Quantion.

How would you describe the mission of the Digital Hangar? 

The Digital Hangar is an initiative that embraces new technologies with the aim of enhancing the user experience for Lufthansa Group. This project enables the provision of real-time flight information, including details on delays, cancellations, and boarding procedures. However, it has also had an impact on the internal organization of the company, leading it towards a more agile structure aligned with digital trends. 

Now, they operate in multidisciplinary teams, allowing for a constant delivery of value based on feedback obtained through digital channels. This enables them to be agile in implementing changes and offering new functionalities that meet the users’ needs, consistently keeping the customer at the core of their actions. 

What value does Quantion bring to this new Digital Hangar of Lufthansa Group? 

With the abundance of numerous emerging technologies, the substantial value we provide lies in our ability to offer use cases, expertise, and insights on how to implement these technologies. Our approach not only encompasses ideation and planning but also extends to implementation, bringing forth the necessary capabilities for project development. We boast a diverse array of digital profiles, each equipped with skills and knowledge in advanced technologies. 

One of the challenges of the project is to hire 300 new technological and multidisciplinary positions. What value can candidates see when entering an international project like this? 

The opening of 300 new positions in a multicultural and multidisciplinary project is an exciting challenge. I believe it is appealing for several reasons: the opportunity to work in an international environment, the chance to collaborate with people with diverse perspectives and ways of working. 

User tastes and preferences can vary from one country to another, but this is precisely what brings extraordinary value when designing a product for international deployment. This experience not only enriches you personally by familiarizing yourself with other cultures and needs but also professionally by working with different technologies and work methodologies.