Interview with Laura Gómez, Chief People Manager at Quantion, where she provides further details on the challenge of selecting the 300 new positions for the Lufthansa Group project.

Hello Laura, we would love to learn more about this exciting opportunity to work at Lufthansa’s new Digital Hangar. Can you provide us with more details?

Certainly! It’s an incredible opportunity! As announced a few weeks ago, Lufthansa is opening its Digital Hub in Barcelona, and at Quantion, we are thrilled to be part of this adventure.

Although it was announced just a few days ago, we have been collaborating with Lufthansa for about a year now. We have over 40 professionals dedicated to various digital projects, and we expect this number to grow to 300 people in the next two years. It’s a client that we find very easy to work with, as we share culture and values, the teams are dynamic, we use new technologies and methodologies, and we work in an international environment that, in my opinion, is very enriching for the teams.

Despite the challenge it presents, it also represents a tremendous growth opportunity for both Quantion and each individual who joins this exciting project.

What characteristics and profiles will be part of this new team at Quantion?

The team will primarily consist of IT profiles with experience in development and infrastructure, with varying years of experience and technology depending on the specific project, and always working within an agile framework: SCRUM / SaFE.

We focus on individuals who have experience in digital transformation projects and knowledge of new technologies, or those with the potential to learn them. It’s an opportunity to grow and develop personally and professionally.

Additionally, we highly value soft skills. The environment is very dynamic, many of the projects are new, and we require not only technical expertise but also individuals who are proactive, work well in teams, and can contribute their ideas to others. We seek people who thrive in the face of challenges, who are curious, and who can assist the team if any obstacles arise.

For Quantion, it is essential to surround ourselves with individuals who contribute to a positive work environment and who feel comfortable with what they do. After all, the work needs to be done, but it is always easier when you are surrounded by people with a positive attitude who enjoy working together to achieve a common goal.

What diversity and inclusion policies will be implemented in the hiring and culture of this new hub?

We will continue with the same policies that we have been implementing so far, as at Quantion, we have a strong commitment to equality and believe in diversity and inclusion. We advocate for equal opportunities without discriminating based on gender, age, religion, sexual orientation, or any other aspect that may be considered exclusionary.

Our team consists of 35% women and 65% men, and we work to make these numbers increasingly equal, while avoiding positive discrimination, of course. We have a multicultural team that allows us to tackle challenges from different perspectives and provides us with a different way of doing things, which is always enriching in every aspect.

This is a truly important topic for Quantion, and based on my experience, it is also important for Lufthansa. We will continue to work on improving day by day and implementing any policies that can be beneficial for our team.

Is it time to acknowledge that Spanish talent is up to the challenge of the most ambitious international projects?

Absolutely, national talent has incredible potential. In our own team, we are fortunate to work with exceptional professionals who have extensive experience in various technologies and IT projects. Additionally, we are committed to training and supporting young professionals who show great potential because we believe they can grow to become great professionals in their respective areas of responsibility.