Transforming Port Management with the Digital Platform Best+

Challenge: Optimisation of port management in Barcelona

Hutchison Ports Best faced the need for an advanced solution to enable their customers and users to follow terminal operations in real-time. Both maritime and land-based. The optimisation of port management required a commitment to transparency in their daily operations.


Quantion developed Best+, a comprehensive digital platform designed to revolutionise port management. Best+ provides real-time traceability for ships, containers, trains, and trucks. It features automatic movement notifications and the capability to create personalised dashboards through customisable widgets. This innovative solution not only meets current operational needs but also provides the ability to analyse historical data and predict future actions, ensuring proactive and efficient management.

For the technological development, the platform is based on microservices developed with .Net, hosted on Azure Kubernetes, ensuring high scalability and quality per component. Users can access with their corporate accounts through Azure Entra ID and with external accounts through the B2C service. Both the infrastructure and the solution are managed in a fully automated way using Terraform and Azure DevOps.

Business impact

  • Real-time Traceability: The implementation of Best+ has significantly improved the management and tracking of daily operations, providing stakeholders with instant visibility into the status of ships, containers, trains, and trucks
  • Monitoring Dashboards: The platform’s customisable dashboards facilitate more efficient decision-making by allowing users to tailor their views and focus on the most critical data.
  • Automatic Notifications: Automatic alerts and notifications enhance communication efficiency, ensuring that all stakeholders are promptly informed of any incidents or important updates.
  • Flexible Subscription Plans: Best+ offers three levels of subscription plans that adapt to different user profiles, providing flexibility and ensuring that the platform meets the varied needs of all its users.

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