Creating a Data Platform to Connect, Prepare, and Analyze Information


The client presented Quantion with the challenge of designing and developing a platform that would enable seamless data connectivity, retrieval, monitoring, and preparation. The goal was to make data accessible and ready for analysis, ultimately driving business value. This platformstreamlines the data engineering process, allowing clients to focus their efforts on data science and value creation.

The platform boasts several key features:

  1. Connectors Catalog: It offers a comprehensive catalog of connectors, simplifying data integration.
  2. Data Transformation Tools: Users can leverage tools for data transformation and manage ingestion pipelines.
  3. Storage Solutions: The platform supports both raw and silver storage formats.
  4. Monitoring and Alarms: To ensure efficiency and security, the platform includes monitoring functions and alerts.

Furthermore, the platform seamlessly integrates with major datalakes in the market, such as Azure Gen2 and S3, enhancing its versatility and adaptability to diverse business environments. In summary, Quantion’s challenge was to create an all-encompassing solution for data management and preparation, empowering efficient analysis and value generation.



Upon project completion, the company achieved the following:

  1. Data Platform: Successfully implemented in the production environment for internal use within the company.
  2. Incorporation of New Data Sets: Leveraged our connectors catalog to seamlessly integrate new data sets, facilitating subsequent analysis.
  3. Comprehensive Business Model Analyses: Conducted in-depth analyses of business models to explore opportunities for monetizing the platform in the market.

Business impact

  • Connectors Catalog: Enhancing interoperability and efficiency by enabling seamless integration with a variety of data sources.

  • Data Transformation: Refers to the process of cleaning and preprocessing data, resulting in more accurate and valuable information for decision-making.

  • Ingestion Pipeline Management: Streamlining data flow within the company, ensuring that data is available when and where needed.

  • Storage (Raw and Silver): Enhances data management by allowing storage of raw data for future use and processed data ready for analysis.

  • Monitoring and Alarms: Enhancing data reliability and availability by detecting and alerting in real time about potential issues.

  • Integration with Leading Datalakes (Azure Gen2, S3)Expanding data storage and analysis capabilities by enabling seamless integration with industry-leading data storage solutions.

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