digital Xperience | Definition and Development of the Transformation Plan

Predict the needs and demands of the market in the future


A global company, specialized in the manufacturing of automotive components, was in a stage of change and transformation to prepare the company to face the needs and demands of the market in the future.

In this process of change, it was detected that there are methodologies and ways of working that their teams can incorporate to be more innovative, agile and productive. ​

To achieve this, we proposed providing an advisory service on the necessary methodologies that the organization should incorporate to promote and optimize its innovation and development projects.


To respond to this challenge, Quantion took the following actions:

Delivery of advice

Main business challenges at a high level

Traffic light application map

Main business challenges at a high level

Traffic light application map


At the end of the project, the company achieved:

  • Identify main business challenges of the Engineering area in particular, and of the rest of the company in general.
  • Proposals that resolved the inefficiencies and pain points detected that prevented agile management of services.
  • Solutions that enhanced the opportunities identified to support the proposed business strategy.
  • The change management and communication strategy involved in the process with the objective of ensuring the success of what is proposed.
  • A report that includes the tangible benefits of the implementation of the methodologies, including the forecast of necessary resources and their budget.
  • An action plan and implementation schedule.

Impact on business

  • Innovation strategy and methodologies for the creation of new products

  • Greater clarity in internal areas with a homogeneous and centralized system

  • Redefinition of roles in current processes and consolidation of formal tasks to facilitate project management

  • Implementation of formal continuous improvement processes between the areas of the company

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