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Implement a Data Driven model to improve decision making


The objective of our client, a retail company specialized in accessories and clothing for sports, was to become a data-driven company and optimize business decision making.

At Quantion we provide technological advice with the purpose of allowing the organization to carry out advanced analytical processes for decision making in the different departments.


To respond to this challenge, Quantion took the following actions:

Project graphic scheme


At the end of the project, the company achieved:

  • A roadmap of analytical and/or predictive use cases based on the potential of the company’s data.
  • Eliminate information silos between departments, facilitating business analysis and decision making.
  • An internal Data team with access to the unified and validated data repository to perform advanced analytics processes.

Impact on business

  • Redefinition and improvement of the company’s DATA area

  • Quality of your clients’ information

  • Development of more effective marketing campaigns

  • Increase in sales (up selling and cross selling)

  • Improved user experience

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