We’ve built the most significant digital hub in Southern Europe for the Lufthansa Group.


The Lufthansa Group is one of the world’s leading airlines. Every year, 145 million passengers travel with one of the Group’s five airline brands.

The company has created a new digital unit, the Digital Hangar, with the aim of creating the best digital travel experience for all of the Lufthansa Group’s airline brands.

The Lufthansa Group Digital Hangar, with 5 development centres (in Frankfurt, Zurich, Vienna, Brussels and Gdansk), approached Quantion looking for a technology partner to help them build, operate and manage a new development centre in Southern Europe, complementing their existing centres, with the following objectives:

  • Expand its digital capabilities in an agile and flexible way in a highly skilled and competitive market.
  • To have contract experience in the development of digital projects, with experience in an international environment.
  • Ability to cover all roles involved in the development of a digital project, both in terms of capacity and soft skills.
  • Flexibility and rapid scalability/adaptability of technological and business resources to adapt nimbly to Hangar Digital’s recruitment ambitions.
  • Strong alignment with Digital Hangar’s culture and values.
  • Lead development projects to deliver tangible business impact.


To meet the challenge of the Lufthansa Group Digital Hangar, we have tailored our nearshore service to cover all requirements:

  • Flexible service model: Full and extended teams.
  • High quality of resources provided, both in terms of technical expertise and cultural fit with Digital Hangar values.
  • Working model adapted to the Digital Hangar methodology (SAFe).
  • Flexibility and speed to expand and/or adapt our services according to business needs.
  • Tailored recruitment and onboarding processes to ensure fit and integration of profiles with values.
  • Establishing and maintaining the Digital Hangar culture in Barcelona.
  • Transversal management model to achieve a greater focus on results while ensuring team satisfaction.
  • Controlling the risks of the different projects and ensuring the quality of the results, all under a single point of contact.


  • Optimise costs.
  • Efficiently automate the rebooking process.
  • Improved accuracy of error detection during the rebooking process.
  • Environmental offsetting.
  • Operational efficiency.

Some projects developed

Media impact

Lufthansa Group selects Quantion to create its first digital hub in Southern Europe

Interview with Jordi Griful, CEO of Quantion, where he tells us the details of the agreement with Lufthansa Group that was announced last Monday, June 19th, by the conseller of Enterprise and Labor, Roger Torrent and Ramió Good morning, Jordi. How have you dealt with the overflow following the news that the Lufthansa group will rely on Quantion to set up its digital Hangar in Barcelona? Well, they are pleasant overflows. It's very important news for the country, for the city, for Lufthansa, for Quantion, and overall

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