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Standardize the architecture and development of over 100 websites for a business group.


Our client, one of the leaders in the Media sector in Spain with a global presence, needed to design and implement a platform that would enable the creation and automatic deployment of more than 100 web pages of the business group.

To achieve this, we proposed an architecture that would support the deployment of more than 100 different websites and manage it centrally with the objective of:

  • ​Standardize the visual identity of the different services offered by the Group
  • Reduce maintenance  costs
  • Train self-government users with the contents

Action plan

To respond to this challenge, Quantion took the following actions:


Our client obtained a platform that was composed of:

Used technology:


At the end of the project, the company achieved:

  • A platform capable of centrally managing more than 100 websites with a standardized corporate look & feel.
  • Establish centralized supply management with self-governance capacity for each company in the group.
  • Implement an application to address requests from the corporate website and request provisioning in an automated manner.
  • Design a modular and scalable system that allows corporate requests to be addressed on all websites in an agile and fast manner.

Impact on business

  • Accelerating the creation of marketing campaigns on your websites

  • Centralized and homogeneous supply management for the entire group

  • Develop a new corporate website in less than 4 hours

  • Reduction of maintenance costs

  • Compliance with corporate privacy and security policies

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