Comprehensive digital transformation plan to improve efficiency and competitiveness


The challenge for this olive oil production, packaging and marketing company was to implement a comprehensive digital transformation plan across its entire value chain. The aim was to incorporate advanced technology to increase the company’s efficiency and competitiveness.

The company faced the challenge of adopting new technologies and optimising existing processes. The use of technology not only improved operational efficiency, but also gave the company a competitive advantage in the marketplace.



  • Q-Digital Maturity Assessment: Understand your current level of digital maturity, identify areas for improvement and design a clear path to digital transformation.
  • Strategic Projects Roadmap Plan 2019-2022: Identify the transformation projects to be undertaken, with their respective planning, internal owners, technologies and how to measure their success.
  • PMO & Change Management Strategy: Strategies for communicating change, managing resistance, implementing processes and measuring their effectiveness.
  • Digital Transformation Workshops (Team Skills): Developing and strengthening team capabilities through learning and discussion sessions to prepare the team to effectively implement and manage digital transformation initiatives.
  • Data Lake Strategy & Governance: Policies and procedures that ensure the quality, security and privacy of data stored in the data lake.
  • Industry 4.0. Scouting (IoT & 5G): Finding and investigating new opportunities and strategies in Industry 4.0, particularly in relation to the implementation and use of IoT and 5G.

Business impact

  • A clear path to digital transformation: Increased operational efficiency, better customer service and competitive market advantage

  • Improving products or services: Increase in sales or market share.

  • Make better business decisions and improve operational efficiency: Make decisions based on more accurate and reliable data.

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