Join our team

Our philosophy is very clear and simple: We are looking for talented and nice people.

Profiles and technological knowledge are acquired, but values such as responsibility, teamwork, commitment, enthusiasm for creating something new and growing are key to creating a solid company that wants to be successful in the future.

At Quantion we are dynamic, creative, daring and non-conformist. Flexible in schedules and always committed to our clients.

Behind our teams are talented people who listen to understand, not to respond. So … we will surely understand each other!

If you share our dream, join the Quantion family and let’s make it happen together. We were waiting for you!

What makes us different

We are passionate about solving our customer’s digital challenges

We strive for effective solutions for top clients

We make things happen with our can-do mentality

Continuous Learning

We value each team member and have an open culture

Good working environment


Business relationships based on trust, results and commitment

Our job offers

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Can’t find an offer for your profile?

Send us your CV for future vacancies!